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Sgt. Eric Wallen

for Lyon County Sheriff

Contact Me:

Email: ericwallenforsheriff@gmail.com

PO Box 192
Marshall, MN  56258




The County Sheriff has an obligation to provide premier public safety services while being fiscally responsible.  As Sheriff, I will constantly look for ways to cut costs to the tax payers without jeopardizing public safety.



School violence is a pressing issue throughout the country and unfortunately Lyon County is not immune from these threats.  As sheriff, I would partner with our schools to ensure that we are sending our children to learn in the safest possible environment, assist in updating safety plans, and conduct regular drills to train school staff and local emergency responders.  As a community, we need to be familiar with the warning signs of potential violence and immediately intervene. 


To prevent violence in our community I would ensure that the Sheriff’s Office fully enforces provisions in law that prevent violent offenders from possessing weapons without infringing on the rights of law abiding citizens.



Much of the crime in our community is caused by drug abuse.  As Sheriff, I will work to increase efforts to combat illicit and prescription drug abuse through enforcement and education.



Mental health calls have increased yearly for law enforcement; 

we need to improve the way we respond to these calls.  As Sheriff, I would institute a multifaceted crisis intervention approach that would equip deputies and correctional staff to recognize the signs of mental health emergencies.  This approach would allow staff to respond in an appropriate manner; resulting in a safer resolution for the officer, the patient, and our community.  

I Love to Read Month at Marshall's Westside Elementary School, reading to one of the 4th grade classrooms

Assisting with the mock crash at the Tracy High School

Paid for by the candidate on his own behalf.